Winter Elopement in Canmore – Chris & Felicity

Want to know a secret? Canmore is a little bit crowded in the summer. 

Okay that’s definitely not a secret, and it’s definitely more than a “little bit crowded”. Sometimes we have a hard time finding parking at our ceremony locations. Sometimes tourists picnicking nearby are loud and annoying and have no respect for nature. Sometimes, even if we hike for 5 hours on a secluded little trail, we’ll find 50 people waiting at the lake at the end of the trail. This is just the reality of one of the prettiest locations in Canada!

If you are wanting to escape the craziness that is summer you should consider a winter elopement in Canmore instead. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain access to solitude the calm that you crave for that moment when you tie the knot!

That’s exactly what Chris & Felicity were after when they reached out to me to be their winter elopement photographer! Heading down a snow-packed trail with just their closest family and their commissioner from Young, Hip and Married, we didn’t have to go very far to find a spot that gave us the views and tranquility Chris & Felicity were looking for.

Wedding Commissioner: Young Hip and Married



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