Hi! I’m Emilia – the owner and operator of Magnifik Photography. I am a professional third wheel who lives for watching cooking competitions, any wine that comes in a bottle, and has a mild addiction to Schitt’s Creek. When I am not out capturing those “magic moments”, you can find me in the kitchen licking the bowl while creating the next “best darn thing you’ve ever had”.

All that aside, I am a professional photographer that finds inspiration from the relationships people create with one another – in other words… you and your people! I just want to spend my time helping my clients remember all the little nuances that life has gifted them, be it the love between two partners or one big family – I am there. for. it.


My photography style is a seamless fusion of documentary and portrait techniques, perfectly suited for capturing the essence of weddings and elopements. There’s something profoundly satisfying about weaving together the narratives of these special days. Meeting clients from all corners of the globe and delving into their stories fills me with immense joy.

On wedding days, I’m not just a photographer; I’m a storyteller, eagerly anticipating personal vows and heartfelt speeches that offer glimpses into the couple’s world. My focus is on candid moments, those subtle yet significant instances that beg to be immortalized. Whether it’s the exchange of a glance or a tender touch, I strive to encapsulate the raw emotions and genuine connections that make each wedding unique.

In my posing approach, I aim for a delicate balance between free-flowing candid shots and elegantly directed poses. It’s about capturing clients at their most natural while ensuring they exude confidence and grace. I have a desire to portray not just your outward appearance but the depth of your love. Through my lens, I aim to create timeless images that serve as cherished reminders of the beauty found in love and human connection.


My clients are a unique blend of individuals who seek a balanced mix of relaxation and structure on their wedding day. They have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a touch of glamour, embracing both the beauty of nature and the elegance of celebration. Unafraid to immerse themselves fully in the moment, they don’t hesitate to get their dress a little dirty or their shoes muddy in pursuit of the perfect photo. What sets them apart is their desire for authenticity and storytelling, which is why they entrust me with capturing their special day. They appreciate my natural editing style, knowing that it will enhance the genuine moments and emotions captured throughout their wedding journey.