Summer Elopement in Lake Louise – Shelby &Richard

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at Shelby & Richard’s Summer wedding in Lake Louise photos is your smile.

Yes, you read right, your smile!

Because the energy these two put out into the world is infectious!

When Shelby first reached out to me, she expressed how she wanted a photographer who captured the outpouring of love she knew was in store. Someone who they’d feel comfortable with. Someone who could photograph all the beautiful, real, natural elements of their big day. And someone who captured genuine reactions over staged actions.

I wanted this for them too. And to assure them that they would receive a gallery of images grounded in reality. Because, as you’ll see, reality is beautiful.


Venue: Lake Louise
Canoe: Canoe rentals at Lake Louise
Commissioner: Aydin Odyakmaz



That’s me, and my name is Emilia – the owner and operator of Magnifik Photography.

Authentic moments become treasured memories – for those who crave unscripted adventures. Just us, some amazing memories, and the photos to prove it!