How to Plan an Elopement at Moraine Lake

Trying to figure out how to elope at Moraine Lake? Feeling like you are hitting a bunch of hurdles to make it happen? Lets fix that! Here are 5 laid-back tips to help you make it happen:

Choose the Perfect Date & Time:

Moraine Lake is a gem, but it’s a seasonal one. The road leading to this paradise is open from early June to mid-October. To play it safe, aim for a date between mid-June and early October. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so this ensures you won’t miss out on being able to access your dream elopement destination.

I may be biased as a Moraine Lake Photographer but I really love sunrise. It truly is when the lake is at its absolute best. If that doesn’t work for you (and perhaps your guests/vendors) try and aim for sunset! But really, anytime of day will be fine.

Navigate Transportation:

Unless you’re cozying up at Moraine Lake Lodge, private vehicles aren’t an option. Fear not, public shuttle buses or a licensed private shuttle/limo company are your chariots to Moraine Lake. There are many public shuttles but I recommend booking a private shuttle for something as special as your elopement! Don’t forget to plan for your guests and vendors – after all, you’ll need your officiant, photographer, and videographer to be accounted for when booking your seats!

All the shuttle options can be found here: Ultimate Guide to Moraine Lake Shuttle Options
Private shuttle options: Patagonia Chauffeur and Moraine Lake Sunrise Shuttle

Vendors to make it happen:

Legalities first! Alberta requires an officiant appointed within its borders and two witnesses to make your union official. No worries if your guest list is intimate – your photographer can be one witness, and if you opt for a videographer, they’ve got witness duty covered. If you don’t have any other guests there are options to hire someone to tag along and be a witness!

Photographer: As an experienced Moraine Lake Elopement Photographer I know all the special spots to avoid the tourists and make your photos everything you ever dreamed of!

Videographer: Many eloping couples choose to have a videographer so they can share this magical moment with friends and family later on!

Hair and Make up: There are so many fantastic local artists that will come to your hotel and get you all prepped for the day! If you are staying at Moraine Lake Lodge you will need to pick them up from a meetup point in Lake Louise (recommended) or arrange a shuttle for them.

Florals: Pick up your fanciful florals at one of many local florist shops in Banff or Canmore! You can pick up the florals the day before, or just give me a heads up and  if time/logisitic allow, I’ll be happy to pick them up for you!


The closest beds to Moraine Lake are in Lake Louise. Pro tip: don’t shy away from exploring hotels in Banff and Canmore. Book a cozy spot to get ready, and let your private shuttle/limo whisk you and your squad to Moraine Lake in style.

Craft Your Timeline:

Stressing over logistics? Fret not! Your experienced photographer (me!) can help you create a timeline that flows seamlessly. From getting ready to saying “I do” against the backdrop of Moraine Lake, Ive got you covered. Trust my expertise to make sure you’re back in time for a delightful dinner (or breakfast if you choose sunrise!) at a local gem.

Bonus Step: Have a Blast!

Amidst all the planning, don’t forget the most crucial step – have fun! Revel in the magic of exchanging vows in one of the world’s most iconic locations. After all, it’s your day, your love, and your adventure at Moraine Lake. Embrace every moment and savor the joy of beginning your forever surrounded by nature’s grandeur. Cheers to your elopement adventure!