How much wedding photography coverage do you need?

Many couples find themselves overwhelmed when shopping for a photography package. And based on the number of options its totally understandable! This guide is intended to help you narrow down a package perfect for you.

The first question I always hear is “how many hours of coverage do we need?” You want to make sure you get all the important parts of your day covered, but you also don’t want to be spending your precious wedding budget on hours of photography that you really don’t need.

Here are 3 tips to begin making this decision:

What's important to you?

Start by thinking about what parts of the day are most important to you: you will definitely want those moments photographed. And if the whole day is important to you – well then make sure you consider full day coverage! I’ve always been the most inspired when a couple hires me to photograph the full story of their wedding day – regardless of its size.

Figure out your timeline!

Begin your timeline structure with the most important part of the day: your ceremony. What time do you want your ceremony to start? How long will your ceremony be? This starting point will help you figure out how much time before and after your ceremony you will have for various photo opportunities and formalities. Sometimes your ceremony time will be dictated by your venue, which is why its the best starting off point.

Consider your budget

Most couples begin their wedding planning with a budget in mind, and yet they don’t really know the average cost of a local wedding photographer. While prices can vary from place to place and from photographer to photographer, typically a professional wedding photographer will begin at $3500 for full day wedding coverage.

If this is above your budget I would recommend reducing the hours of coverage for a quality photographer instead of shopping for a cheaper photographer that will provide full day coverage. It’s better to have a smaller gallery of high quality photographs than to have a large gallery of mediocre photos.

Be sure to check out these 6 tips when choosing a wedding photographer to make sure you get the quality you are after!

Essentially, I would be happy to help you determine which package is right for you. That is why it is extremely important to hire an experienced photographer like myself! As a wedding photographer, it is my job to listen to really listen to my couples and understand what’s important to them.