Rainey Family | Family Session in Banff

One of my favorite things about a family photo session in Banff National Park is how many families embrace the stunning natural scenery and the “traditional” park activities. It is well known that Banff has endless beautiful mountains, lakes, and forests, making it the perfect backdrop for family photos. The natural setting provides a unique and breathtaking background that can’t be replicated in a studio. Additionally, the memories that you create during a family photo session in Banff National Park will be special and unique to your family and can be cherished for a lifetime.

The Rainey Family embraced everything the Park had to offer for their Family Session in Banff. The family booked an Otentik at Two Jack Lake and were sure to want to incorporate the experience of camping there into their photos. And the cherry ontop of the session? The family Canoe!


That’s me, and my name is Emilia – the owner and operator of Magnifik Photography.

Authentic moments become treasured memories – for those who crave unscripted adventures. Just us, some amazing memories, and the photos to prove it!