6 Reasons to have an October Wedding in Banff

So here you are trying to plan your dream wedding in the ultimate mountain destination of Banff and you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the typical busy wedding season. Well I am here to tell you that October may be the answer to your perfect day!

Here are my 6 top reasons why an October wedding in Banff is a GREAT idea!

1. Fall Weather
Okay so you might be thinking “Emilia you are crazy October is when it starts to get cold” and while you might be right – theres also a pretty good chance it could be comfortably warm! Also – thats what layers are for. I can tell you right now I would much rather have to put on a fur shawl than be sweating it out in a wedding gown (or black tux) in 35 degree august weather!

So heres the extra cool part:
If its clear and sunny you will have those beautiful fall colors that only last for a brief moment until late October. Everyone I know gets excited for fall colors – theres a reason why its the busiest time of year for family sessions!
On the flip side, if its overcast and snowy you get to enjoy a beautiful dusting of snow without having to worry about photo locations being inaccessible (theres not enough snow to cause that yet).
Lastly, but certainly not least, lakes and rivers are still fully thawed and you get those beautiful end of season blues. Honestly the color of the water is at its BEST in October.

2. Less busy with tourists

We all know that Banff is tourist-palooza in September. The hiking conditions are primed and the parking lots are still full at sunrise. By October this tapers off. Families are focused on the holidays and turkey dinners – which means people are spending more time at home.

Want to go to Lake Minnewanka or Moraine Lake for portraits? Totally do-able. Parking is easier to find throughout Banff National park. If you plan for early October we can even squeeze in a shuttle trip to Moraine Lake!

When it comes to your portraits its far easier to navigate the area with less crowds – and this even makes it far more comfortable for you with far fewer tourists watching us do our photo thing!

3. Sunset and Sunrise

I think its easy to forget just how far North Banff is, until you start trying to plan for photos at sunrise and sunset in the summer. The summer sunrise has a 4am start time which is not the easiest for most, and trying to stretch a photography timeline to 10pm for sunset portraits usually comes at the sacrifice of getting ready photos or means your guests have to wait for a really late dinner.

In October none of this is a problem! Sunrise is at an easy (or easier) wake up call of 830am and sunset is enjoyed by all at 6:30pm. So lets plan for that amazing mountain light and not have to worry about getting up with the chickens or having to go back out for photos after eating a 4 course meal.

4. More Venue & Vendor Options

So depending on how much planning you have already done – you might notice that you dream date or dream venue is already fully booked. On average most venues book 18-24 months in advance, and your major vendors (like me!) are booking 16-18 months in advance.

And while October can still be steady – it is not the craziness of July or August or even September! October dates tend to fill up last as I suspect most client dont realize how great October Weddings really are!

5. Accomodations are cheaper

Okay so maybe youve been thinking Banff is out of the budget, and while you might be able to find some Venue and Vendor discounts for off season the biggest saving will definitely be on accommodations. Hotels are seeing less tourists and so their room rates begin to drop.
No feeling is worse than the one where you feel like your guests are blowing their entire budget on a hotel room. They will be grateful for a break on their wallets just like you!

Overall, I have yet to shoot an October wedding that didnt live up to or exceed all of my Banff Wedding expectations! From the amazing photo-friendly weather to the budget benefits there are so many reasons to consider an October wedding in Banff!

6. As if thats not enough – check out all these beautiful October Wedding Photos!

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