Wedding Couple Celebrating at Moraine Lake

Becca & Daniel | Sunset Elopement at Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

Love, laughter, and breathtaking views – Becca and Daniel’s intimate elopement at Lake Louise was nothing short of a fairy tale. The couple’s special day was blessed with perfect sunny weather, enhancing the beauty of the already stunning lake. The day kicked off with a sweet first look that was

Popular Wedding Photo Locations in Banff

Banff National Park is a haven for its breathtaking landscapes, pristine lakes, and majestic mountains. These picturesque locations that are simply begging to be used as a backdrop for your next photoshoot. Whether its for your anniversary, an extended family get together, or your bridal portraits, here are the top

Couple Laughing while saying their vows

Your guide to the perfect ceremony Vows

As a wedding photographer I can assure you that personal vows hold special meaning to a wedding or elopement day. They add a unique and special element thats specific to your commitment to one another.Some may find that public speaking – in particular emotional pubic speaking – is a daunting

6 Reasons to have an October Wedding in Banff

So here you are trying to plan your dream wedding in the ultimate mountain destination of Banff and you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the typical busy wedding season. Well I am here to tell you that October may be the answer to your perfect day! Here are my

Wedding couple in Canmore Alberta

Megan & David | Summer Wedding in Canmore

Simple and sweet. Thats how I would describe Megan & David’s beautiful September wedding in Canmore. Megan and David met 5 years ago working together at the same long term care facility, you can tell their hearts are full of love to give. After planning a larger wedding in 2020

5 Tips for Planning a Wedding in Canmore

I may be biased – but Canmore is a beautiful location for a wedding! Located in the picturesque Canadian Rockies, and known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor activities – it has endless things to do and see. In addition to that, there are many venues in Canmore that

How much wedding photography coverage do you need?

Many couples find themselves overwhelmed when shopping for a photography package. And based on the number of options its totally understandable! This guide is intended to help you narrow down a package perfect for you. The first question I always hear is “how many hours of coverage do we need?”

How to choose a wedding photographer!

Shop Local! I’ll be honest, I read a bunch of blogs that cover this exact topic. Most of the advice out there will encourage you to start with style, or budget, but I am going to encourage you to begin your photographer search by choosing local. *Why local*
A local photographer

Proposal at Moraine Lake – Courtney & Mike

This was the most impromptu proposal at Moraine Lake I have ever photographed! Originally Courtney had reached out to me on her own to plan a beautiful photo session at the super-popular Moraine Lake. So we arranged all the details and got up at the crack of dawn to make

Fly Fishing Engagement Session – Jess & Matt

When I have a couple approach me to do their engagement session, one of my first questions is “what do you love to do together”? When Jess and Matt synonymously exclaimed “fishing!” with a big smile on their faces, I knew I needed to a fishing engagement session! These two

Wedding at Buffalo Mountain Lodge – Missy & Trevor

We all know how much I love the mountains. Anything mountain – count me in! There’s something special about a winter wedding in Banff that just makes my heart sing a little louder than usual. I don’t know if it’s the crisp fresh air, the beauty of falling snow, or

Fall Engagement Photos in Canmore – Dayle & Danny

As a local Canmore Engagement Photographer I am always excited when another local reaches out to me to capture their relationship! Dayle & Danny are long time locals that love where they live and were really wanting to showcase their love of Canmore. I was so excited to be able

Engagement Session in Kananaskis – Brianne & Ryan

Love and Waterfalls – picture perfect right? Right! It was a photographers dream come true to photograph this perfect engagement session at troll falls in Kananaskis for Brianne & Ryan! Brianne and Ryan are the kind of couple that you can tell their love for each other is pure. The

Summer Elopement in Lake Louise – Shelby &Richard

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at Shelby & Richard’s Summer wedding in Lake Louise photos is your smile. Yes, you read right, your smile! Because the energy these two put out into the world is infectious! When Shelby first reached out to me, she expressed how she

Winter Elopement in Canmore – Chris & Felicity

Want to know a secret? Canmore is a little bit crowded in the summer.  Okay that’s definitely not a secret, and it’s definitely more than a “little bit crowded”. Sometimes we have a hard time finding parking at our ceremony locations. Sometimes tourists picnicking nearby are loud and annoying and

Amol & Alyshia Proposal – Mount Engadine Lodge

Mount Engadine Lodge in upper Kananaskis is such a perfect secluded location for anything intimate. I have been to visit this lodge so many times just to relax, enjoy some lunch, and unplug from the world (hello no cell reception!) When Amol reached out to me to photograph his surprise

Winter Elopement at Emerald Lake – Georgia & Simon

Winter Elopements at Emerald Lake are among my favorites! Partially because of the epic backdrops but mostly because of the intimacy that comes along with the venue. There’s nothing quite like you and your person standing in a breathtaking location pouring out your heart as you tie the know. And

Helicopter Wedding in Canmore – Brooke & Dom

Brooke and Dominik had possibly the most giggly, smile-inducing wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. It was really hard NOT to have fun at their helicopter wedding in Canmore. I think its safe to say that my cheeks hurt at the end of the night from laughing

Wedding at Mt Norquay in Banff – Jessie & Milan

I have known Jessie since grade school, and even though we haven’t always kept in touch, it truly felt like no time had passed when we got together to discuss her amazing wedding at Mount Norquay in Banff. I was beyond excited when she told me she was keeping things